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Reposting due to popular demand. :0

Let it go

Traveling along at 1,000 miles an hour,
measured by the star as it swept by the tree top,
the tall yellow grass by the rail fence that kept us
from trampling the waterfowl wildlife preserve
looked like a stag with antlers all winter
had long since disappeared into green summer grass.
I was well on my way to my next reinvention.
How could it be? Evening already.
Nowhere in the manual could I find indication
or words that warn, in big enough letters,
just how hard it is
to let go.

I want words that tell me how to completely rethink
who I am or could be, since I'm no longer allowed.
If I'm not a rock star, then how to make music?
No poet, or writer, then how to make words?
No director, or actor, can I call myself artist?
What do I say? I don't know who I am.
I want a revision in the How To of Life;
it did not mention, show me how to survive
all the changes required and still be a self
that feels like continuing when
all I do
is let go.

Warnings? Signs? We make up our own.
How impressive is that? And how do I trust it?
I read a lot, to figure it out,
what do others say in their movies or songs?
Are those actually signs where I turn, everywhere?
If you knew where to look, hey! don't miss that one!
Keep your eyes open wide, don't try to make sense,
sit there and learn because you will overload.
In the last lesson I seemed to learn how to just be.
Because I did not know how to
let go.

(p.s. I don't think this is done yet. And it's best if you read it real fast, or out loud real fast after you know all the words. Good luck!)
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